Getting Home Elderly Care the Smart Way: Main Priorities when Enlisting Caregivers

In most home situations, a nurse aide or home health assistant will be able to provide aged care and give you some well-deserved relief at the same time. The question now appears: should you hire a home care assistant from any reliable aged care in Parramatta through a local agency or privately hire someone on your own? There is no right answer to this question since it is always dependent on a lot of factors.

Below is a helpful discussion about the pros and cons of both choices and some valuable insights that may help with your decision on your elderly loved one’s aged or hospice care:

Always Put Human Morale First

Your first and main priority should be to find someone who is kind, compassionate, and caring. If you go the route of hiring specialists in aged care in Parramatta privately, during the interview process you can begin to assess a person’s character. Listen to how she talks about her own family and friends and ask questions that will encourage her to comment on others she may have cared for in the past. There are often subtle clues which can be detected in the tone of her voice as well as what she actually says. Be sure to observe her firsthand interacting with your loved one.

These questions will serve as your guide for your observation:

– Does she respond appropriately?

– Does she make an effort to talk with your elderly?

– Does she listen attentively?

– Does she smile a lot?

– Does she touch your elderly’s hand or shoulder when caring for them?

– Is she thoughtful enough about including your elderly in conversations when others are around?

Pros and Cons of Private Nursing Care Hiring

A big advantage of hiring aged care privately is that you are in charge of the selection process and ultimately make the final decision. On the other hand, it will not give you a backup help when your caregiver is unavailable. More concerning is actually finding an adequate number of caregivers for your consideration. See more at Arcare Glenhaven

Hiring Age Care Experts from Nursing Agencies

When considering home care from an agency, your approach should be similar during the initial stage. It is strongly advised to request a meeting with the caregiver that they are planning to send prior to the first scheduled day for service. Many agencies will not suggest this, and it’s up to you to ask. Most reputable agencies will try to accommodate this request if they are interested in providing a satisfying service. However, should they be unwilling or act as if this is an unreasonable request or even an imposition as some may do, then definitely consider turning elsewhere for help.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Age Care Experts from Nursing Agencies

An advantage of using an agency is the possibility of several personnel choices to consider. It is also possible that an age care agency may offer a backup caregiver in some situations when a regular one is not available. A distinct disadvantage is the likelihood that different caregivers may be sent causing a disruption in the ongoing care for your loved one or that they too may not have backup help available. Your priority, in either case, has to be finding a good match for your loved one and having as much continuity of care possible.

When hiring privately, your best bet is to not only obtain several references from past employers, but to question them specifically about dependability and performance.

Ask questions like…

– Do they give reasonable notice when unable to work?

– Can they safely transfer and assist an elder with walking?

– Are they gentle when bathing an older person and take especially good care of their skin?

When possible, try to get at least one private family reference from a former client of the specialist in aged care in Parramatta, as he/she might be able to share a great deal more information about the caregiver.


A lot of wonderful caregivers simply become frustrated with their jobs in understaffed nursing homes or similar facilities. In this difficult line of work that carries a lot of responsibility and poor compensation, having the opportunity to work independently and for better wages is often the best option for many caregivers. Remember that personal or character references often don’t carry much credibility unless you or someone you know happens to be acquainted with the individual. With all these factors taken into consideration, choosing between these two options wisely is crucial. If you’re looking into local online resources, start with one of the most renown aged care agencies in Australia – Arcare. Visit them at